Travelista Club

A Summer Guide to St. Petersburg

This piece on my favorite city for Travelista was a real joy to write. A basic travel guide was requested, and I love nothing more than sharing my recommendations and suggestions. Although this wasn't requested, I even went out to photograph some of my favorite spots in the city for the article - the White Nights certainly helped.

Russia Beyond

How Russians Changed My Life

My 2017 move to St. Petersburg has influenced a lot of my writing. In this personal piece for Russia Beyond, I shared all the ways that Russia has change me and where I find my love for this beautiful country.


Takeaways from SXSW'S Women on the Block

This piece was done for a cryptocurrency PR firm and was originally published in Hackernoon, with reprints on coin5s and fintechlog. Although cryptocurrency isn't something I'd call myself an expert on, I actually found myself quite interested in all the research I did for this piece. It just goes to show that research is everything.