My Story

I'm originally from the coolest little beach town around, Santa Cruz, California, dude. After a childhood spent mostly alongside dragons, witches and wizards, and the occasional spaceship, I attended UC Irvine (Class of 2017), where I obtained my degree in Film & Media Studies with distinction and developed my writing skills while leading several creative writing projects and organizations. UCI is also where I sold my soul to the Cyrillic alphabet and learned Russian. I originally started blogging about lifestyle and beauty way back in 2013, but have since made a shift to travel, culture, and the expatriate experience. I have since worked as a copywriter, translator, and proofreader across France & Russia. I also enjoy my fair share of travel vlogging. In my free time, you can usually catch me focusing way too intently on a game of chess, telling my cat how much I love him, or working on another farming simulation, because one virtual farm is never enough.